For dry roast

15 grams coriander

7 grams fennel seeds

7 grams cumin

1 tbs. whole pepper

3 cardamoms

1 inch cinnamon


To make curry paste:

Above ingredients after dry roasted

1 small onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic

1/2 inch ginger

3 dry red chilly

1 tbs. whole pepper

1/2 of a small fresh Maldivian chilly (githeyo mirus)

6 curry leaves

Enough water to grind


To cook curry

1 loin tuna, cut for curry (400 grams)

1 big onion, sliced

2 spring curry leaves

7 2inch piece pandan leaf

2 tbs. grated ginger garlic

Maldivian chilli, githeyo mirus (optional)

1 cup thick coconut milk



  1. In a wok or sauce pan add all dry roast ingredients accept cumin, and stir on low heat until fragrant, now add cumin and stir and toss, until well roasted, you will know when a piece of coriander is pressed between your fingers you can feel crispiness. Leave spices to cool.
  2. Add the roasted spices and all ingredients needed to make curry paste and grind to a fine paste. Set aside.

To cook curry

  1. Pour the grinded curry paste few curry and pandan leaf from the cook curry ingredients into the tuna, mix well and set aside.
  2. In to a sauce pan add cooking oil, onion, rest of the curry leaves, pandan leaf, ginger garlic Maldivian chilly and fry until onions turns nice golden, into this add the mixed tuna mixture, salt and stir fry for few minutes, then cover with lid and cook until tuna is cooked.
  3. When tuna is cooked lower the heat and add the coconut milk mix well, take out from heat, if desired season with more salt and serve hot with roshi, rice or bondibai. Enjoy!

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