For the milk custard:

500ml full cream milk

½ can sweetened condensed milk

½ can nestle cream

3 tbs. corn flour

2 eggs

To assemble trifle:

Marie biscuits

Chocolate shavings


1_ Put all ingredients for milk custard into a jar or a bowl and mix using a wisk or a fork.

2_ Pour the mixed milk into a sauce pan and start cooking. Cook stirring constantly.

3_ When the milk custard gets thick enough to coat back of a spoon, it’s ready.

Assembling Trifle

4_ In a loaf glass pan or any other 6 inch tray or container start assembling, first apply a thin layer of hot custard on the bottom, than layer with Marie biscuits, again layer with generous amount of milk custard. Like this go on layering until all custard is layered. The last layer should be milk custard layer.

5_ Sprinkle shaved chocolate on top of the hot milk custard. Chill trifles for 2 hour’s and serve.

Note: It’s very important to assemble this trifle while the custard is very hot, this will soften the Marie biscuits and the biscuits will taste like cake.

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