Serves: 3 / Prep Time: 1 hour / Assembling: 5 minutes



For agar agar jelly

1/3 packet agar agar

1/3 cup Sugar

21/2 cups Water

Red food color

For chia seeds

½ tbsp. chia seeds

1 cup water

For Sharubath

1/3 cup rose water

2 cups Water

¾ cup Condensed milk

Red food coloring

To assemble Faloodha

3 cups sharubath

½ cup soaked chia seeds

½ cup agar agar  jelly

2 small vanilla ice cream cups


To make agar agar jelly:  Into a bowl add agar agar and water let it soak for half hour. In to a sauce pan add the soaked agar agar with the water, cook until all agar gets dissolved. Add sugar and few drops of food color, take mixture from stove and pour into a 8 inch tray, let it cool, when cooled chop the agar into very small cubes.

To make chia seeds: Add chia seeds into the water and let the seeds soak for 1 hour.

To make sharubath: Mix all sharubath ingredients other than color and balance everything per your taste. Add 1 drop of color, mix well and chill one hour.

Assembling Faloodha:

In to a tall glass add four table spoon chia seeds, five tablespoon agar jelly and pour sharubath. Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and serve.


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