Serves: 5                  Prep time: 15 minutes                            Cooking time: 20 minutes



3 and ½ cup full cream milk

85 grams sooji  vermicelli noodles

2 tablespoon custard powder

240 grams condensed milk

2 cups Fresh fruits or fruit cocktail

1 cup Jelly


1_Add three cups milk and noodles into a saucepan cook until noodles get soft.

2_Mix custard powder and remaining milk pour into the boiling milk mixture stirring constantly. Cook until mixture thickens to cooked custard consistency.

3_Add condensed milk and stir to combine. Remove pan from heat. Cool custard completely.

4_Add nestle cream, mix well then add fruits and jelly. Garnish with desired fruits and nuts.

Note: I did not add any nuts or resins, if you like you can add those two ingredients too.


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