Serves: 6 to 7 / Prep Time: 30 minutes / Baking Time: 45 minutes

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100 grams of unsalted butter

1 and 1/2 cup sugar

4 eggs

1/2 tsp. of Salt

100ml of water

2 cups flour

1 cup of Milk powder

1 and 1/2 tsp. baking powder

2 tbsp. corn flour

1 tsp. vanilla essence

For white sauce

1/2 cup of condensed milk

1 tbsp. of margarine

1 cup powder milk

1 nestle cream can

1/2 cup full cream milk

For the chocolate sauce

1/2 cup condensed milk

2 tbsp. unsalted butter

1/2 cup cocoa powder


To make Cake

1_ In to a bowl add butter and sugar, mix for three minutes, add eggs beat until fluffy. Mix in water and salt.

2_ Shift flour, milk powder and baking powder into the liquid mixture, fold to combine, now add corn flour and vanilla essence, beat well and pour into a bundt cake pan (or if bundt cake pan is not available check out my face book page to see how I make an instant bundt cake pan or simply just bake a nine inch cake and cut about two inch diameter cake from the middle, so that middle will be hollow)  and bake at 160 c until a toothpick inserted in the hollow area comes out clean. Cool cake completely before assembling.

To make white sauce:

3_Put all the white sauce ingredients into a pan and cook on medium heat until very thick. Thick enough to coat back of a spoon, cool sauce completely (when sauce is cool it should be very thick) Set aside

To make chocolate sauce:

4_Add ingredients into a sauce pan and just warm the sauce don’t boil, or just warm it in a microwave oven. Set aside

To assemble cake:

5_Transfer the cake onto a serving platter or a cake board, use a bigger platter or a board because when the cake is cut and a slice is removed the sauce is going to run in lava like stream.

6_ Pour all the chocolate sauce in the middle hole of cake, onto this pour the milk sauce covering the whole cake. Cut one piece of cake and see the white lava streaming, mix with the chocolate sauce and drip on top of cake. Serve immediately. Cake can be stored in fridge up to three days. This is one of the best cakes I have ever baked.

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