This is a wonderful effortless supper simple pudding, except that it will bowl over your friends and family. The key ingredient is orange juice and Marie Biscuits which is a common find in the pantry at most of our homes. So, just go ahead and try this delicious very orange biscuit pudding which has a delicious scent of orange in each bite.




1 can condensed milk
1 can Nestle cream
1 cup fresh orange juice
1 ½ packets of Marie biscuit
2 tbs orange zest








1_ Place condensed milk, Nestle cream, one table spoon orange zest and orange juice in blender. Blend until smooth and thick. It will be like runny custard.

2_ In a 6 inch round baking pan, place a thin layer of orange custard to barely cover the bottom of the pan. Take a biscuit and dip it in the custard. Place biscuit on top of the thin layer of custard. Repeat with as many biscuits as you need to create a layer of dipped biscuits. Cover the biscuit layer with a bit of custard so that all the biscuits are fully covered. Create another layer of dipped biscuits followed by another layer of custard and so on. Keep forming layers until you have used up all of the custard. The last layer should be a custard layer. Sprinkle rest of orange zest on top.




3_ Cover and chill overnight so that all the biscuits will absorb the custard and to allow it to set, cut and serve… enjoy!

Note: If the color of custard is too pale you can add 1 drop of orange food coloring. 6 servings can be taken from this dessert.